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How to start trading Forex with $250? ApolloFinances.com reviews of accounts

This foreign exchange broker is chosen for the quality of its service and the relevance of tariffs. Today it makes no sense to pay extra for receiving the daily mailing of exchange signals, because this service has become the basic one for many investment portfolios in the tariff plans of companies. The growing number of brokers has led to understandable competition, from which clients can only benefit: trading is getting more accessible, and the range of services is getting wider. For example, for those who have invested a thousand of dollars there is usually an opportunity to use a leverage of 1:200 and even more. Among the services that have become available to newcomers the most valuable one is the provision of a personal account manager. A person who is ready to give professional recommendations, advises on training or even is present during the client's participation in the session.

Let's take a closer look at these innovations using the example of a company which we picked for its reputation. Apollofinances reviews do honor its services among brokers. However, it is not surprising, since this company has years of experience in trading and consulting. And now this broker has also begun to target the Polish-speaking segment.


What we know about Apollofinances.com review: Brief Overview


The broker's website is very simple, although moat of documentation is international and available on website in English. However, among the staff there are hired Polish-speaking consultants who can clarify any point about cooperation and explain all the details.

“I wrote to Apollofinances last November,” Joe Filton left a review on his Facebook page. - This is not my first broker and not my first attempt to enter the stock exchange. Usually I've got disappointed quickly, and even lost my modest investments in 2019. In Apollo Finances I liked the simple site, and then their platform. I got a good manager, even bearish trades can be used, I know for sure now. "

To understand what conditions can work to increase your investment, we needed to see the company offers during this review preparation. And also we’ve read the user agreements and other statutory documents.

Please note that the company shares a policy of anti-money laundering and financial fraud (AML and KYC), that is, you will definitely need to verify.

To start, fill out the registration form, indicating the country of residence and age. It is important not to be mistaken in the data, as this may become a reason for inadmissibility to the identity verification procedure and to trading.

Any questions about the work of the company, its services, as well as about registration and verification can be clarified by contacting support via phone or email. This is also a way to contact technical service.


All tariffs include micro-lot trading, low spreads, and daily alerts. The Platinum plan has unlimited access to market analytics.


Consider feedback from Apollofinances clients on the effectiveness of tariff plans:

Ben Gallow from Leeds (UK), architect, 32 years old, Gold tariff:

“I followed the advice and invested no more than 15% of my savings, although I didn't want to lose them either. I was lucky, I trade successfully, because I have an excellent Apollofinances manager who taught me everything literally, because I knew little about such matters. I recently decided to trade in the cryptocurrency market, but the amount was small, this is just to try. But I am interested in the long-term perspective, and my tariff allows me to trade also stocks, which I will use. "


Lucille Roche from Devon (UK), owner of a network of beauty salons, tariff "Silver":

“I was told that women rarely trade currency, but there were no problems with Apollofinances. I invest small amounts and regularly receive income from them. Thanks to the company and its wonderful managers, as well as the technical service, which is very responsive and really understanding! "


ApolloFinances.com reviews speak in favor of good market reputation, reliability and customer support. Most of the reviews were left by clients from central European countries, but Polish investors already note the smooth operation of the company's technical support, convenient tariff plans and the simplicity of the trading platform.


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