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What should know a beginner trader? As Apollofinances warns, there are plenty of ways to get bad trading experience. How, then, can you be sure not to fall into the trap? In fact, there is no need to conduct an entire investigation. Forex scammers show themselves easily: let's look at the main mistakes, that help any trader to see the danger and avoid deception.

Why we choose

It is better to ask the brokers themselves about the work of brokerage organizations, so for comments we turned to the Apollofinances broker.

Years of experience allow Apollofinances reviews to determine a scam in the currency trading market in no time.

Anti-Fraud Programs Supported by Honest Brokers

We must not forget that the cyber police is also seriously interested in the Forex market, detecting fraudsters. As a result, the EU passed laws that regulate the activities of brokerage companies, protecting their clients from dishonest sellers and buyers of currency. Be sure to pay attention to whether the company of your choice has an official confirmation of support for anti-fraudulent laws!

For example, information on the website of scam protection section shows that the company fulfills the requirements of two important anti-fraud campaigns - AML and KYC. The broker requires verification: each client is obliged to confirm legal address, age, and other personal details. All these requirements are set out in the broker's documentation, which is available on the website in the "Documents" section. There is also a user agreement that allows you to study the terms of cooperation before opening an account. In the same section, there is a risk warning that describes the terms of the leverage usage.

Quick Tips for Defending Against Scams

As Apollofinances scam preventing specialists describe, a fraud is easy to detect, if you pay attention and ask the right questions.

So, what should novice investors consider?

Also look for company reviews that say more than the most colorful ad.

We are grateful to Apollofinances experts for helpful advice. Have a successful trading!


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