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Forex trading is always a risk. But if you decide to play in the foreign exchange market through a legal forex dealer, the probability of losing money will depend only on your skill and luck. And when you trade, you shall know how to notice the scan actions and what to do in this situation.

Specialists of scam preventing department state that most of the scam actions are conducted within one company by scammers who pretend to be fair traders among others. 

First of all read the entire agreement before opening an account, like you can do it on That’s where you can find the first and main detail: you shall never send your password to anyone else, even to company employees. Why so? Because not a single company employee will ask you for it, since they don’t need it for every support action or any other action in system, they act under their own accounts. And if someone asks you for your password, you can be totally sure that that’s someone trying to steal your money.


How to prevent scam in the Forex market? - Trendsmacro scam avoiding tips


First of all, you need to pay attention to your contacts. Even if someone calls you and pretend to be an employee of the company, be careful and always keep an eye on your personal data.


If you’re getting some email from your broker and it contains any links, please check the domain name which you are heading to and the email of the person who sent you this email. That’s one of the usual ways to steal your access to trading account – just make you sign in to some different website using your details.


When someone advises you some new software, or new paid signals service, or some other paid service that has nothing to do with your broker, please take your time and wait a bit. Trendsmacro scam preventing department state that 9 out of 10 such services are completely scam and they have nothing to do with your trading. All they care for is to get your money.

Deposit / withdrawal of funds

Make sure that once you’re ready to make a deposit, nobody’s getting details of your credit card. It’s easy to check. Websites that have encryption has a sign of lock in browser address line right next to their domain name. If you can see it, it means that all the data you’re filling in the form is protected, and only you and your bank via payment system can see it. That’s the way it should be done.


Trendsmacro reviews: scam schemes

Scheme One: Analyst Authority

Someone contacts you and claims that he or she is an expert and wants to help you. Or offer you training course. Or advise you a best strategy. There’s plenty of ways to make same impression. And quite soon you’ll be asked to provide your trading account info or deposit money to some different website or service, or even this service will need your card details. That’s the point where you lose your money and never see them again.

The second scheme: a special approach

You get to know some other trader from the platform. He advises you something. Or maybe he tells you that he’s actually an employee and he knows some backdoor ways to make extra cash. Different path but actually same result: you will need to buy something or login to some other website (in some cases they explain that it’s different portal for employees only).

The third scheme: a banal fraud

You get a message to your mailbox or your phone that your account is blocked and all you need to do to unblock it is to visit some website with different domain name and enter your registration details again. Scammers can even state that it’s you who is suspected to be a fraudster. And when you enter the details, they gain access to your account.


Trendsmacro forex broker protection

Many broker websites (such as have protection against main scam schemes that were mentioned above.

First of all, it’s KYC policy. Under those rules, you need to provide full information about your identity in a form of scans for your ID, utility bills or other docs that show who you are and where you live. And if someone tries to enter the platform for some scam purposes, he won’t be able to complete registration. 

Second part is Trendsmacro AML, anti-money laundering system. It has a lot of detailed instructions, but the most relevant to our topic is those that state: you can get a withdrawal only to the card that you used for depositing. Or, if you use the wire transfer for deposit, you will have to wait a couple of days before the money land on your account, and there’s no way to send them to card, even if the card is connected to the same bank account.

So that’s the answer from Trendsmacro scam preventing service. Even if someone tries to scam you, there’s major chance that your account will be freezed until further notice, no one will get any money from it until the whole situation is cleared. Or, at least you will have time to contact support and stop the process. And that’s the good news in terms of scam avoiding.


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